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For POP Displays, Partitions, Signage & OEM Parts

Customers come to Merchandising Solutions with POP displays, signs, and OEM parts at all stages of the design process—rough sketch to detailed drawing—and we support every project with a team of knowledgeable manufacturing professionals with decades of material, equipment, and production experience. Our goal is to help you create the best version of your product and control costs by guiding your design for optimal manufacturability. We also offer a variety of in—house services, such as CNC routing and laser engraving, that give you a full palette of design options.

CNC routing for complex shapes

Our CNC routers allow us to cut complex shapes with precision. By using CNC machining, we are able to combine multiple processes into one setup, resulting in time and cost savings for POP displays, signage, and OEM parts.

Laser cutting for signs and logos

Our laser equipment can cut small acrylic parts, such as letters for POP displays, signs, and logos. In addition, product holders that need square inside corners or that would be difficult to cut on the router can be cut on the laser.

Laser engraving for decorative designs

Acrylic POP displays and signs can be laser etched for decorative purposes or for edge lit LED signs that we make in house. We can also etch other materials that need permanent markings, such as OEM parts that require numbers.

Edge finishing for frosted or polished edges

Our Bermaq® machine uses a diamond cutting head that creates a high quality frosted and polished edge on acrylics.

Polishing for glossy edges on acrylic

Flame polishing is an economical way to create glossy edges on acrylic for POP displays and signs. For higher-end designs, we offer hand polished edges.

Line bending for plastics

Straight line bends can be achieved with heat. The most common plastics that we bend are acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG and expanded PVC.

Assembly for OEM parts, fasteners, and more

We use various methods to assemble OEM parts such as solvent welding, mechanical fasteners and interlocking parts. Whether you need a knockdown display or a more permanent fixture, we can build it.

Packaging, including bulk and individual cartons

Products can be bulk packed as well as packed in specially designed individual cartons depending on your needs. We package and ship from our Lancaster, PA, warehouse.

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