Sneeze Guard Safety Barriers

Clear acrylic free standing sneeze guard

Sneeze Guard Safety Barriers

We manufacture free standing sneeze guard safety barriers that are an easy and convenient way to enforce social distancing. Knock down design assembles without tools and is fast to set up. These acrylic (plexiglass) safety barriers can also be cleaned and sanitized with the appropriate cleaner.

We offer standard sizes as well as custom options to fit your unique situation. Click on the link below to shop our standard sneeze guards or contact us to receive a custom quote.

These clear free standing shields are ideal for retail counter tops, customer service desks and pharmacies. Easily set up and take down sneeze guards while traveling for trade shows and events.

Custom Partitions

We provide cut to size panels that can be installed on site. Easily attach to check out lanes and other areas that need barriers. Some of the most popular materials for panels are acrylic (plexiglass), polycarbonate (Lexan), and PETG sheets. We also make custom workstation and break room partitions, sneeze guards, customer service safety barriers, and enclosures for many other applications.

Materials used for making safety guards are already in short supply. As businesses reopen, materials will be in greater demand and as a result we expect greater shortages. Don’t wait until its to late. Call us at 717-898-1800 or email us at