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Six Ways Merchandising Solutions Can Help Reduce the Cost of POP Displays

  1. Review your design goals. To keep costs under control, Merchandising Solutions begins by reviewing design goals so we can identify ways to optimize POP displays for all phases of a project, including manufacturing, shipping, assembly, and use. Design goals include how POP displays will be used and how they will fit into their environment as well as how they will be assembled/disassembled, shipped, and transported. Once the design goals are defined, we can evaluate a sketch, drawing, or idea and offer recommendations for how the display may be modified to gain efficiencies. 
  2. Specify materials. Our long-time experience with manufacturing POP displays allows us to draw upon a wealth of material knowledge to help you choose the best material for your design. Often a simple change in material type or material thickness can reduce the overall cost of a display without impacting its look or performance. Common materials we work with include: acrylic, styrene, and expanded PVC, and we have a variety of options to choose from. See our complete list of materials. 
  3. Select the right features. Over-designing POP displays is a common pitfall that can cost you time and money. If desired, our team can review your sketch or drawing to identify features that may be adding to the cost to produce your POP display but are not adding to aesthetics or performance. Based on where and how your display will be used, our team can evaluate your design to ensure the best use of available features. If appropriate, we can also recommend adding, removing, or adjusting features to improve your display’s function and performance as well as its efficient manufacturability. 
  4. Consider assembly, disassembly, and reuse. For some POP displays, a critical feature can be how easily it can be put together and taken apart. By taking this functionality into account, you can evaluate how much time must be allocated to this task and what it will cost to ship your display. You can also consider ways to reuse your display, and we can help you build in design features that will allow you to get longer life from your display by modifying it from season to season.
  5. Leverage standardization. Even the most unique POP displays can often take advantage of standardization to gain efficiencies and cut costs. Our experienced team can help you identify elements of your design that are suitable for standardization while still meeting your aesthetic goals. Merchandising Solutions is uniquely qualified for this task, as our experience with thousands of POP display designs for a variety of applications has honed our expertise in designing for manufacturability.  
  6. Get a prototype, test, and correct any problems before production begins. Nearly every display project comes with unforeseen issues that can easily be resolved before production begins when the design has been properly tested. Merchandising Solutions is happy to provide a prototype of your display for this purpose.

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