Portable Floor Display- Amped Apparel

Portable floor display for sunglasses

Project Details

The Client: The owner of trendy clothing company, Amped Apparel

Summary: Amped Apparel was looking for a portable floor display for sunglasses. They would use the displays in various settings such as stores, sporting events, and trade shows. It also needed to be lightweight, durable, and easy to set up.

We created a display that assembles entirely with interlocking parts and no fasteners. Then, employees could quickly set up displays without tools. By avoiding fasteners, we eliminated the possibility of delays caused by missing hardware. Since displays were used on the road, it was critical that there be as few parts as possible. A locking base provided secure storage for extra merchandise that was close by but out of sight.

Easy Assembly

By creating a display that assembles quickly with no fasteners, retailers can spend their time making sales instead of displays. It also eliminates delays caused by missing or lost hardware. It also speeds up set up time since employees may not be trained to use certain tools. By using common components in the floor display and counter top display variations, we were able to save on costs. Both designs could be set up and taken down in minutes. The locking base stores extra merchandise which kept it secure, close by and out of sight. Another great merchandising solution.

Material and Design Details

The portable floor displays needed to be light weight and durable so they were constructed from black expanded PVC. This material is ideal for portable displays. Expanded PVC is easy to print on which makes for light weight signs. Acrylic shelves that slide into place display the sunglasses. The shelves pack flat to minimize space while traveling. Sign channel was added to make graphic changes.

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