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How Merchandising Solutions Helps POP Displays Stand Out

Retail locations can be challenging environments for designers to create POP displays that really stand out, so they need to work with experienced manufacturers who offer the right material options and capabilities to take their designs to the next level. Here are four ways Merchandising Solutions helps its POP display designers bring their ideas to life.

Having multiple material options gives designers the freedom to create a greater variety of POP displays in looks and styles that are distinct from the competition. We offer a variety of materials from acrylic and expanded PVC to metal and wood, and our knowledge of the materials means we can guide your choices to help you control costs. See our complete list of materials. 

Color and material can be used in powerful combinations to create extremely attractive and highly engaging POP displays. We offer some materials, such as acrylic and expanded PVC, in a number of colors, expanding your POP display design options even further. Color can also be added to displays with printing or with PSA vinyl.

Specialty Capabilities
Creating intricate shapes, patterns, and logos in POP displays often requires specialty capabilities from your manufacturer. Our in-house capabilities include:

  • CNC routing to cut complex shapes and combine processes to save time and cost.
  • Laser etching for decorative designs and unique lighting effects, such as edge-lit LED signs.
  • Edge finishing for high quality frosted and polished edges on acrylics.
  • Polishing to create glossy edges on acrylic using a flame or hand-finishing. 

The most important part of making your POP display stand out is applying our experience to the process. From start to finish, we listen to your needs and design goals, support you through refining your design for the manufacturing process, and work within your budget to manufacture beautiful POP displays that meet your specifications and are delivered on time.

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