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Choosing Merchandising Solutions for Your POP Displays or OEM Parts

Our Expertise
Whether you have a rough sketch or a detailed drawing, Merchandising Solutions will apply its decades of material, equipment, and manufacturing experience to create visually appealing POP displays or high-performing OEM parts that are cost-effective and meet your specifications. We also offer a variety of specialty capabilities, including CNC routing, laser cutting, and laser engraving, that enable us to add unique design elements to our products.

Competitive Pricing
We always deliver pricing that is honest, fair, and represents the high level of material quality, product performance, and manufacturing expertise that we deliver.

Fast Quotes and No Order Minimum
The time it takes to get a quote is often time you can’t afford in your production schedule. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a personable, approachable, and responsive manufacturer who delivers timely quotes with no order minimum while still offering a fair and competitive price.

High Quality Materials
Our materials are sourced from reputable suppliers to meet our high standards for appearance, function, and durability. Common materials we work with to manufacture POP displays and OEM parts include: acrylic, styrene, PETG, ABS, and expanded PVC. See our complete list of materials. 

Performs to Your Specifications
Our POP displays and OEM parts are manufactured to your specifications, and we can work with you to produce a prototype before moving to full production if necessary. 

Meeting Your Deadlines
Deadlines are important to us because they are important to you, and we’ve built our reputation around a high level of personal customer attention that assures satisfying, high-quality POP displays and OEM parts and adherence to your deadlines and delivery schedule. 

Controlling Costs
Merchandising Solutions always begins by reviewing designs to optimize POP displays or OEM parts for all phases of a project. Our team will review your design to identify features that may be adding to your bottom-line costs without adding to form or function. These features can include overly intricate design elements that don’t enhance the aesthetics, represent an inefficient use of materials, or add unnecessary shipping costs due to excessive size or weight. Wherever appropriate, our team will make recommendations to ensure you’re getting the best product at the best price.

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