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CNC Routing for POP Displays

When you want to add excitement and interest to your POP displays, CNC routing is an incredibly versatile tool that allows you to create complex shapes quickly and efficiently. CNC routing combines multiple processes into one machine setup, and it reduces material costs by nesting parts together or close together whenever possible. That means less time and budget are spent to create more complex and attractive POP display designs.

Advantages of CNC Routing for POP Displays:

  • Cuts complex shapes efficiently
  • Produces repeatable shapes and patterns for consistency from one display to the next
  • Available for a variety of materials, including acrylic, expanded PVC, styrene, and wood
  • Combines multiple processes into one machine setup for greater speed and efficiency
  • Produces clean machined edges on materials

Use it to create POP displays with:

  • Complex shapes
  • Sign letters
  • Cutouts and pockets for locating product
  • Knockdown assembly

CNC Routing, Laser Engraving, and Laser Etching
Because we offer CNC routing, laser cutting, and laser etching, many customers require guidance on which services are best for accomplishing the specifications of their designs. CNC routing is well-suited for POP displays that require complex shapes to be cut with high precision and efficiency, while laser cutting and laser etching are generally used for more decorative purposes. All of these services provide a high level of detail and precision, and each offers its own unique effect. Our team will help you choose the right services for your design.

Material Options for CNC Routing
Many material options are suitable for CNC routing, which means this tool gives designers the freedom to create POP displays with an exceptionally unique look that stands out from the competition and grabs the customer’s attention. Our knowledge of the materials and our experience with speciality capabilities also mean we can guide your material choices to help you control costs and help you select the best tools to bring your design idea to life quickly and efficiently.

In-House CNC Routing Keeps Your Project on Schedule
Our CNC routing service is performed in house, so you get a single point of contact throughout the manufacturing process. Your project stays under our roof; thus, eliminating the opportunity for multi-vendor errors and keeping costs and delivery schedules under control and on time.

Want to know more about CNC routing for your next POP display project?

Let’s talk about your design.

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