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Kevyn Aucoin Case Study

Display designer relaunching the brand of cosmetic company

The client needed custom modular makeup tester display units that captured the brand’s image. Testers are commonly used at the cosmetic counters in department stores and salons. Our client wanted permanent displays that could be adapted for new seasonal campaigns and for changes in the product line.


The Merchandising Solutions team created modular units with removable plates to simplify product refreshes. To streamline the process, the displays and new plates were drop-shipped from our facility to the stores, eliminating extra shipping and warehouse costs.

Now, whenever the customer updates the product line, the modular design allows changes to display components for new product offerings at a fraction of the cost of developing an entirely new display.


We had extensive conversations with the client to discuss their needs and the variety of ways they planned to use the makeup displays. After establishing the client’s objectives, we created design concepts that addressed those needs. After obtaining input on the concepts from the client we made some modifications and then built a prototype for testing. Once final approval was received, we began production.

Material and Design Details

The modular makeup tester displays were created with a stepped design. Materials used were black acrylic, gold mirror inserts, gold screen printed logo, and thick acrylic blocks. The displays were diamond-edge finished and hand polished for a high end look to match the brand’s image.

Each product offering had its own custom holder. In addition, laser cut and bent acrylic product holder plates were used to locate products. A separate “launch pad” highlights an individual item or line of products. This featured product area included an interchangeable graphic holder in addition to custom plates.

Tester units were designed for easy in-store assembly without the need for tools. The modular design allows the customer to accommodate the needs of their individual retailers since product lines and counter space vary among stores. Stores that wanted to increase their product offerings could simply add more modular display units.

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